Why With Us

This company is enriched with highly qualified and professional engineers and designers with proven field experience both at home and abroad. They have demonstrated their high level of competency through successful execution of a number of projects of varied nature.

Who we are?

Silicon Valley Technologies Ltd. was initiated by a group of experienced engineers and operated by a highly capable management team. As the company grew in size and its technological horizon and capability widened, SVT has made considerable progress in expanding its business scope especially in quality assurance and control. Now SVT’s activities cover the entire spectrum of turn-key construction and maintenance of virtually all types of engineering related facilities.


Telecom Experience

SVT has executed several Fiber Optic project across the country.

Experience in Power solution


Ongoing work

*Digital printing & Press

*Chemical supply

* Software development



Experience in Working with National & Foreign Companies


Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

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