Service Offering

Since its inception, Silicon Valley Technologies Ltd. has been playing a significant role in IT & Telecommunication Engineering , Civil Engineering , EEE Engineering, Chemical Engineering   activities,Digital Printing Press


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Network Solution

  1. Out Site Plant Network (Both underground HDD/Open Cut & aerial of optical fiber cable installation)
  2. BTS installation (Civil & Microwave),
  3. O&M projects (Optical fiber, BTS

Power Solution

Permission, Battery bank solution, Grounding, Wiring.

Telecom Product Supply

Supply & installation of all kinds of telecom tools and accessories (HDPE duct, optical fiber, ODF, Patch cord, Pigtail, T-J Box, Smouve, Closure , Attenuator, Mux , Router , Switch , Media converter , SFP, Rack etc.) within the Telecom industry.

Textile Accessories

* Supply of Chemical
* Supply & installation of garments & textile tools, equipment & accessories

Civil Engineering Materials

Supply & installation Civil Engineering related materials.

We also Offer

Motor Tools

Supply & installation of motor tools and spare parts.

Packaging and Printing

We also offer packaging and printing services.

Security Equipment

Supply & Installation of CC Camera, Security equipment, Office attendance etc. product.

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